Mar 20, 2010


I figure I should join the scrapbook blog train. My life is no way nearly interesting enough for people across the world to come and read it, but I guess this is a good idea to share my photos of scrapping, aka my obsession.

I'm a scrapbooker. Have been since '06. When i went to a CM event and it just clicked: "Why havent I done this before?" I've been stuck ever since. (Probably literally too).

I'm pretty much a busy body, always on the move, but from time to time, I enjoy some me time... which is where scrapbooking comes in. It's my time to be creative and just take time to relax and reflect. When I'm not doing scrapbook related things. I enjoy reading, Playing with my daughter, sleeping, eating and going for walks ( now that the weather is starting to warm up).

I've never been to a scrapbooking class in my life, though I want to, so everything I have learned either comes from Youtube, Scrapshare :), or Becky Fleck.

I do not have a "craft room", or eve "scrap table". I sprawl everything out on either my living room floor or Bedroom floor, depending on where my daughter is napping. I have everything cleaned up and away by the time she wakes up. (Which is a good 4-5 hours of Scrapping a day, lunch breaks optional)

So Hello World.. Welcome .. Look around. Make Yourself Comfy Leave me a comment. Or not. Now off to vaccum my tiny scraps from the carpet :)~


JanR said...

Ha! Your first paragraph sounds a lot like my first post. Welcome to the world of blogging. As you've found out I'm fairly new to it myself. It's amazing how quickly you become used to babbling away to nobody/everybody.

Looking forward to reading more of your posts. You crack me up!