Mar 24, 2010

Pump it up

So Today I was finally able to get to the craft store in order to buy some embellishments for the cards i posted before as part of the Card Swap. I figure before I mailed them out I needed to spruce them up a bit.

 Being that I'm new to cardMaking and only recently started to delve deeper into scrappin (buying more tools, learning techniques, reading BOOKS..etc) I had no idea how to go about sprucing up my cards. I was not 100% sastified with what i created. So I went to Michaels, and just wandered around the store for about an hour, lugging around my 25lb 5 month old daughter, the entire time, and picked things up, put them in my basket.. put them down in a place I didn't get them from [ i know i'm not the only one that does this] I even peeked into other people's baskets as i walked buy. I needed ideas

 Here are my results :)


DebbieJinMO said...

you done good!