Mar 28, 2010

Wish Rak Finally Completed

Once again this is another wonderful post about scrapshare. I just completed my Wish RAK (Random Act of Kindness) set, where someone posts a wishlist and you fulfill some of their wishes, and then you're able to post your wishlist, and someone will fulfill some of your wishes.

This one is for Shiregal!

Her wish list included some handmade cards as well as a giant wooden clothes pin in order to alter.
I made all the cards, as you can tell some are from previous card front swaps (extra) and some i made from scraps :). I was able to pick up the giant clothes pin from Joanns for .99 cents (had a coupon)

Will be sending first thing monday morning in a flat rate box. I think that's a really good wish RAK for only 5.60 total (4.90 for postage) What do you think?


JanR said...

Am loving your pieces of grumpy toast! Too cool!

Grumpy Toast said...

thanks so much :)