Mar 31, 2010

Works In progress!!!

I hate to say this but sometimes I get a really great idea for a card/layout or something crafty and then I start it, and all of a sudden the idea is forgotten or the creative juices run out. Has this happened to anyone? I'm sure I can't be the ONLY one in the world, if so, i'm not going to lie, that would stink!

Anyhoo. I started a few pages in my DD's Scrapbook, and since i've completly run out of ideas. I got the pictures on the page, and some paper layed out, but i feel there is to much empty space, and I wrote some journaling. Now i'm thinking "What else can i do with this?" I figure i need to add a title and some embellishments but everytime i go shopping, i forget about these projects. And then i come home and feel like wanting to hit myself when i'm once again stuck.

Here are my forever works in progress. Any ideas.. would be incredible!!!


JanR said...

Just off the top of my head, for the 1st layout how 'bout a title along the lines of "the many faces of (your dd's name). You could use stickers or whatever and maybe some Thickers for the words "faces" and your dd's name.