Sep 19, 2010

Card Swap Guidelines & Sign Ups

Do not sign up unless you are 100% committed to making and sending the swap on time.  
SWAP is only open to US swappers.

This is a very simple swap. Make 5 Cards get 5 Cards back.

Swap is due Mailed to me NO LATER THAN DEC 1st 2010. So this gives everyone a few weeks to come up with the card ideas and mail them out. When you are ready to send your set please email me and I will provide you with my mailing address.

Cards should be swapped out and return mailed to you by Dec 15th.

This swap has 5 Categories
  • Birthday
  • Thinking of You
  • Get Well
  • Thank You
  • And Sender's Choice
 You are to complete at  one card for each of the categories.

Each Swapper will Complete 5 Cards, and in return receive 5 Different Cards back from different crafters.

You are welcome to make additional cards sets. if you send 2 cards of each category you will get 2 cards back of each category, all from different crafters. you must send the same number of cards per each category just to save confusion from my part.

Cards must be no smaller than standard A2 size, but can be Bigger. Envelopes must be sent with the cards, of the appropriate size. Cards can be Tent, Try Fold, Gate Fold, pop up, what have you as long as it fits in an A2 size envelopes.

There are not many design guidelines for this swap, except to make a card you a proud of. Using good quality/sturdy cardstock and adhesives. MTC/SCAL are allowed!
Embellishments/stickles/ stictching /inking/stamping are not only allowed but recommended. Go all out!

On the back of your card, please stamp/ write, the card category your name as well as your "Blog name" so that the recipient knows where the card came from.
Please bag each of your individual cards with the envelopes in either a cello bag or a ziplock bag, in order to make sure that th ecard stays with its envelopes. as well as good condition

Cards can be mailed out which ever method you chose, as long as they arrive to me on time. Cards will be returned mailed via priority flat rate. so Please make sure to include appropiate Postage for the return. 4.90  stamp or  the sum of 4.90 in lose postage (not metered) in an envelope . if you'd like confirmation/ tracking please include 30 cents. and a note saying that you'd like that. Do not forget to have your return address!!! on the envelope.

I hope to make this a really fun swap. So please once again, do not sign up if you are not 100% committed to joining the swap. I will be making 5 cards for the swap as well :)

After Signing up on the linking system please Leave me a comment on my facebook page letting me know that you signed up for the swap. I will be posting a discussion board on my page to keep track of the swappers. to make sure everyone stays on track for the deadline.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me using the contact me form.


SpantastiKreations said...

I'm sorry, I'm just a little unclear. Are we to do 5 cards of one category of our choice or 1 card for each of the the 5 categories?

Cristina Garcia said...

You are making one card for each of the 5 categories. thank you for this. I would clarify my post.

you are more then welcome to make more than one for each of the categories, I will swap them out so you get new cards back for however many you make