Oct 23, 2010

Quick Saturday Share

Hey Everyone,

It's definitely cold& Flu season in my neck of the woods. It seems like everyone I know is coming down with the same thing. It's awful. I was sick on Thursday the day of my ustream class, and since, it seems that both of my hunnies have caught the bug. SO I've been stuck taking care of them all weekend. Slowly but surely they are getting better, and I'm 100% sure they will be all healed by tomorrow. *fingers crossed* I will be posting my Card for Madison tomorrow and hopefully be recording a new scrap room tour for you all. I've gotten a few requests for that. In the meantime: if you have any requests, or questions FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME, or leave them here. I want to do a FAQ video, but I dont know how many of you out there have questions for me. Please leave something, I love emails, and always respond :)

That's about it for today's saturday share, Now to make some hot soup for my babies

Hugs :)

PS. You still have a few days to enter my latest companion challenge HERE  I know it's a tough one but i would love to see more enteries. Your submission enters to win a cricut cartridge :)