Oct 2, 2010

Saturday share

Hey friends,

I have an amazing fun video to share with you all, but my internet is down. I am unable to access my site for another few days due moving my scrap stuff around. This weekend (friday) my honey had his birthday and we had a small get together to celebrate that! He didn't want a big to-do because he thinks he's getting "old". I am emailing momo (via blackberry) my picture for her challenge so keep a look out for that. I actually just sold the card on etsy too!

I just opened an etsy store and have a little link on the left of my site. Check it out. Like I said my net is down, but will up sometime this week.

My daughter turns one this week can you believe it!!!! And I have a ton of scrapbooking to do before her party so I plan on recording as many videos as I can while the net is down and will upload and post them when my net comes back to working.

So here's my photo of the week in honor of my two loves birthday. They are enjoying their mutal favorite pastime of playing video games. His controller works hers doesn't, but she pretends :) so cute :)

Everyone please enjoy your weekend, and look for my link on momos challenge shortly!!

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Abusybee said...

Cute photo!

Jcornett75 said...

They are so cute. Hope they had a fabulous day and you got some good scrappin pics. Jill :).