Oct 30, 2010

Saturday Share

Hey there friends,

Can you believe it's halloween weekend already? We have been getting into the Halloween spirit in my house. We already carved pumpkins

 I made my daughter's halloween costume (Thanks for the tutu tutorial lauren!)

I even had some extra energy to throw something together for the mister

Yesterday I was so much in the halloween spirit. Yesterday my entire family were dressed up for the office Halloween party and we were a huge hit. Everyone said that we had the best duo costume. We were scarecrows.

I was talking to my amiga momo yesterday and I realized it's been forever since i posted a video. I mean a video that didn't have to do with any of my Challenges. SO today I decided to film a mini haul video and update. I also filmed a video for TOMORROW , so be on the watch for that  :)

I was allowed my scrap allowance this past weekend and I stocked up on some basics, I also went to tuesday morning for the first time, and I did not want to leave. They have some amazing scrap deals. I will have to go early in the week again to see their good steals.

I hope you enjoy this quick haul video. I hope everyone who is going out trick or treating tonight has a safe and enjoyable evening, Trick or treating will take place for the little ones in town tomorrow night.


EllenM361 said...

GREAT haul Cristina. I need to head to BS&S sometime this week. We really should get together...I'd love to meet you in person :)

Cristina Garcia said...

yes that would be a great idea. I am going to be at the crop night at amherst michaels Nov 19th from 3-9pm :)