Nov 27, 2010

Saturday Share & Black Friday Recap

Hey There,

I hope all of you had a fantastic thanksgiving. I seriously Gobbled well not until i wobbled, but until my pants felt a little uncomfortable hahaha. I was a very full little mama after dinner at my grandmother's house. She's the best cook in the world.
Seating for 14 and the Kids Table

Usually everyone brings something to help out with the cooking, this year I brought desserts, I made Cinnabon Bread and What my grandma calls "Cristina's Pie" I have yet to come up with a name for it. It's one of my homemade- no bake creations.
We never have enough pictures together, and I'm supposed to be working on a scrapbook for us, so I always jump at the chance on holidays.

Well like Thanksgiving traditional I got up at 2:30am in the morning, after getting maybe half a wink of sleep (my baby girl was being very cranky) and I shopped till about 7am. I actually did very good and spent alot less then I intended. I made somewhat of a video that you guys can see below. This year was the first year I didn't have anyone to go with so I thought I would make it fun and record somethings.  I litterally got out of bed, threw on a sweater and coat and left the house, so excuse my 2am looks lol.

** advance warning, if you are easily Nauseated by Lousy camera work, this video you might want to skip****

What I bought, i included the prices if I remembered offhand

Target- Christmas tree 30 , 3 PJ sets $5 each  ,  Toaster $3, Hand mixer 3, Disney Princess Kitchen set $40, Bath Towels 1.62, Leapster Video Game $15, DVDs $2.99
Walmart- Brother Sewing Machine 50,
Christmas Tree Shops, Acyrlic Frames .69 cents, Votives $2.29, Tape $1, Good Scissors $2, Shatterproof Ornaments $1.99, Ornament hooks $1,
Joanns, Fleece, Thread for sewing machine (buy one get one), Wrapping Paper $2.99 (huge roll)
Michaels, Clear Ornaments to decorate, red embossing powder, Snowflake Stamp set,

That's all that I can remember at the moment, but I know I bought alot more things.

Then after shopping and hiding the presents from our daughter, we had black friday dinner(basically thanksgiving again!) at the family in laws, and this time I made sure I didnt eat too much.  I made mac and cheese which everyone loved. When we got home we cleaned up the living room and set up our christmas tree, which afterwards our daughter decided she was going to knock over. Thank goodness we opted for a fake tree this year. I could just imagine the pine needles on the hardwood floors. eeek!

Please feel free to share your Thanksgiving stories here, or any of your black friday purchases. I love reading and responding with you guys


Gina said...

You really had a full day and night, sounds like fun. We had a great thanksgiving and ate till we couldnt any more, expecially the pumpkin pie...I just love that stuff. I went to Michaels at 430pm when they opened and picked up a few things, not as much as I thought. I few paper packs, some stickles in 3 packs, some christmas stmaps, embossing powder, clear and silver,; and some ornaments for the tree. thats it, not a lot at all. I didnt go anywhere else, just back home to do the dishes lol...the next day we put up our tree, its fake but got it at costco a few years back and its really pretty and sure lights up :) I still have to fan it out a bit an find the burnt out bulb on one of the tiers, thats a pain. Next weekend well have our friends and family over to decorate the tree, Ill be cooking white chilie and cornbread, have hot cocoa and apple cider on hand as we decorate and sing christmas carols. Im really looking forward to next weekend when we do this, I love it!
Thanks for asking about our adventures :)
have a wonderful sunday :) Oh, Im having a christmas card challenge over at myblog, come check it out and add your holiday card :) the challenge is to use pop dots/dimensions, the higher the better :) I have some great blog candy too :) Hope to see you there :)

GlendaLea said...

I would have LOVED to go shopping with you! I went by myself(well with my teenage daughter) and we got to Wamart at 10 and were checked out by 12:06, I had to work the next morning! Glad you got most of your stuff!

ScrappyMel said...

I went by myself to Walmart for the 12:00 am sales, thinking that I could also have them price match a bunch of stuff from the Target add. Well, it turned out that they wouldn't match until 4:00 am when Target opened. AARRRGGHHH! So I wandered around trying to decide whether to stay, go home and come back or go home and go to Target when they open.... of course, I wound up finding more stuff and just decided to stay until 4:00. After 5 hrs at Walmart I left to go home and wound up going to Target too. It took 5 mins to get what I wanted there and almost and hour to check out. Needless to say, I WAS EXHAUSTED! LOL