Nov 6, 2010

Saturday Share & Video

It's saturday yay!

If you're new to my blog, I always do a "saturday share" on saturdays, where i tell you a little about things that I have going on on my site and on my blog. I want you all to really know me as a person, as well as a crafter.

This week has been a little on the hectic side of life.

My daughter phoebe has offically started walking! With her new found freedom she also has come to think that she is the boss. This has lead to lots of high pitched baby screaming when she doesn't get her way. But she's learning :) Her new favorite thing is to shut the main computer off by hitting the switch on the power strip. I think that's funny especially when Daddy is playing his computer games for entierly too long, it's like she read my mind!

I have been making an attempt to try a new recipie everyday. I've really been wanting to amp up my cooking skills because lately it seems like I have been making the same few meals over and over. So Last night we tried this recipe for mac and cheese, and i was suprised how easy and delicious it was. I even went ahead and took a picture of it because i was proud of my homemade mac and cheese. ( it's my daughter's favorite thing to eat, and I hate how Kraft has soooo much sodium in it, not healthy for a baby)
 The picture may not be much, i'm sooo not a food photographer, but it's sooo cheesy and creamy. And there is a bread crumb topping on it.
And on top of all that has been going on in my house, Momo and Sarah have been keeping me up past "bed time" with their fun skype chats. This is a picture from last night. hehe

I am so excited for Monday. As Many of you know I am having Stickerz and Vinyl week, a 5 day event with videos everyday, where I show you how to use stickerz, rub-ons, in your scrapbooking and cardmaking projects! I will also being giving away a great prize pack on friday, that includes all of the items I am using for the week.

Super Hugs to everyone over at E.A. D Designs for sponsoring me this week, they provided the amazing supplies that I will be using, as well as my giveaway.

Oh last thing. Yesterday i finally took the time to clean my scrapbook room so that I could make a video of it to you. I know someone of you wanted an updated scrapbook room tour, so here it is. Make sure you watch it to the end :)

have a great saturday my friends



Amanda Villarreal said...

great craft space! your daughter is so cute hahaha :)

ScrappyMel said...

Thanks for the tour - I love looking at other peoples craft rooms since I don't have one! LOL

Phoebe is adorable - I just want to pinch her little cheeks! :)

EllenM361 said...

OH MY GOSH....she is such a cutie!! (liked the tour too :)

GlendaLea said...

Your little girl is growing up so fast! Loved the video of your craft room!