Nov 13, 2010

Saturday Share

Hey Friends,

This week has just flew by. I can't believe it's Saturday already.

Some highlights of this week:

On Monday our main computer took a major big crash. It was custom built and everything. So we are looking to get parts for it so Ryan being the techy that he is can fix it at work.

My Daughter has taken to trying to break dance since we were watching a dancing show on T.V, and now every moment she tries to stand on her head and dance. Silly baby :)

Can you believe how close to christmas it is getting?? As you can see I've already been working on some of my christmas cards. And I'm going to try this week to get some stock up on my Etsy :)

I have been planning for black friday and getting pumped to go Christmas shopping. I cannot wait at all. I've seen some great deals so far!!

So in case you were wondering I do have a  Crafty wish list going. I am posting this in case any of my family come and check on it

Cuttlebug (Yes i don't have one, and my sizzix texture boutique doesn't diecut)
Chomas Creations Embossing Kit
B is for Boy cricut lite
Hoot n' Holler Cricut lite
Your Story Photo bundle from HSN
Wall mountable white shelves (to store all my cricut carts)

And that's about it!! I probably am going to buy the Your Story wayy before Christmas because Momo told me I HAVE TO HAVE ONE :-P She's such an enabler.

This week I am going shopping for My giveaway items, so look out for that some time this week.

So this week I leave you will a poll, so i can help improve my site for all of you. If you have another suggestion, PLEASE leave it as a comment or email me .


SimpleCreations said...

I saw some black Friday sales ads and Walmart is suppose to have the Cricut Lite Carts for only $20 on black Friday. Just incase you didn't know.

Simple Creations

EllenM361 said...

I just bought a CUTTLEBUG last week at JoAnns. I used a 50% off coupon so it was $45.00. I had been kicking myself for not ordering one from about a month ago. Can't remember the price exactally but I remember it was a steal. My texture botique just wasn't cutting it anymore.