Nov 20, 2010

Saturday Share

Hey Friends,

It's Almost thanksgiving. WOOHOO.

So In honor of the thanksgiving spirit, I am putting up a little bit of a blabber post about thankgiving along with my normal share post today

Every Year my family goes over to My grandmother's house, and I always sit near the mashed potatos. Any of you out there that REALLY know me, know that I have a somewhat obsession with mashed potatos and gravy. LOL I love it.

I love thanksgiving because it's a chance that I get to see ALL of my family that I don't get to see often save for holidays. I also loving catching up with my cousins and seeing my family from out of town. It's the best, and now that my daughter is walking, and starting to talk I feel that she can really begin to socialize with the family. Last year she was passed around the table like of like the food, she was alseep the ENTIRE time. This year now that she is one she will be able to partake in the feast.

Another reason I love thanksgiving is for the turkey. I am not a chef by any means, and the only reason decent food gets put on the table every night is because I am excellent and following recipies, but I dont trust myself making a huge dinner for any more that 4 people, and ESPECIALLY not making a turkey. My grandparents always get a huge turkey and I love having turkey leftovers because it makes dinner really easy for a few days.

Alright I think that is enough of Thanksgiving excitment.

Now for my regular "share post"

This week I have beeeen soo busy making things for my ETSY, as well as local orders. I've been mass producing wrapped and decorated hershey bars, stocking stuffer items and Christmas cards! I have gone through about a million rolls of atg tape!

This week we have been taking time to REALLY set up my daughter's room. We've been getting her more toddler furniture, and trying to get all her toys consoldated to one section of her room instead of their former location ALL OVER THE HOUSE. She also has an impressive stash of toys underneath my Craft Table, which she usually plays with while i'm making something. Isn't that funny!!

Here is a picture of our current progress

I'm going to take a wild guess and say by the look on her face that she likes it!! We are still trying to transition from "baby" to "toddler room" but I think we have a good start already.

Earlier this week. I also took it upon myself to rearrange our entire living room. It started as just moving the sofas to sweep and mop underneath them ( hardwood floors) and vaccuming the area rugs, but then I decided to just move everything, even the entertainment center and computer desk.Yes it was alot of work and that's basically all I did that day.

Yesterday Was my crop night at Michaels and it was fantastic to go see my crop friends because I missed last month when i was stuck at home with a horrible flu :( I was also able to stock up on some fun things: I finally got a martha stewart score board, and using a 50% off coupon it was only 10 dollars :) I also got the K& Company Secret Santa Paper Pack , an ek success border punch (scallop diamond), a Fiskars Paper Crimper, and a few ribbons. I did really good because most of the items were on sale for 40% off

Alright I think I'm going to end this post, with a photo i made for my Grandparent's 40th (RUBY) wedding anniversary, which is today

used smiley cards for the base
mother's day 2010 for the flowers
wild card for the frame shape
once upon a princess for the tag
sentiment computer generated " god gave you two a special love to share... because he knew how much you'd cherish it. P
 Embossed Vellum with White embossing powder and Prima "Recital" Stamp
Pattern Paper Brenda Walton Madeline

I could chat forever, anything you want to blab out, feel free at the botom of this post.


ScrappyMel said...

OMGosh, where do I start!?

Your daughter is so stinkin' cute!!! I though the picture was of a room from a magazine that you liked then I read the post - you did a great job, it's so adorable! :)

Your card is beautiful! The flowers are stunning - your grandparents are going to LOVE it!

{{{ HUGS }}}

Gaby said...

Cristina, primeramente gracias por haber aceptado ser guest designer for Gaby Abby Challenges......
Tu bebita esta hermosa!
Y tu tarjeta te quedo de maravilla WOW super elegante, todo!

Amanda Villarreal said...

How adorable is her room! I want one of those "doll house" bookcases where did you get yours? I have only seen them at Pottery Barn and although I love Pottery Barn I cant allow myself to buy one from there lol

Uh hello about the mashed potatoes, I am the same way! When I was pregnant I didnt have certain cravings and I had morning {evening} sickness for the first four months and it was hard finding things I could keep down that sounded appealing. Not much did but mashed potatoes was the number one! I was so thankful she liked tatoes because I loveeee them :)

I am making Thanksgiving this year and I am super nervous about the turkey. I have never done this before but like you, I can follow a recipe, so hopefully with the help of youtube I can accomplish it hahahaa.

Your daughter is adorable I cant wait for that age! That card is absolutely gorgeous! Happy Anniversary to them, such a blessing to be married for 40 years, a rare thing we see this days. What talent you have my friend, I bet they loved it!

joeygirl86 said...

Wow that's such a beautiful anniversary card! I'm sure they loved it!