Jan 22, 2011

Get to Know the Designer... Elsa

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Once again we are continuing our getting to know my 3 great new design team members and this week it's Elsa's turn in the spotlight

 I asked each of the design team members a series of questions.. here is an interview with Elsa :)

1. How long have you been crafting?
   I have been crafting since 1997, when I had my son Danny.  I started making scrapbooks and layouts for him.  I didn't get into cards and other projects until maybe 5 years ago.  Scrapbooks are still my 1st love, but making crafts can be so much fun!!
2. How would you describe your design style?
   I try to keep my projects and designs "FUN."  My design style changes with the technique that I decide to use, but I still try to make it fun and cute.  I  always try to imagine....would I like something like this for my house or for my friend???   I also try to stay pretty current with the latest trends and   styles out there!! 
3. What is your favorite cricut cartridge?
   It is impossible to pick a favorite, but I would have to say I use Simply Charmed A LOT!!!
4. Besides Scrapbooking/Cardmaking, what other hobbies do you enjoy?
   As far as other hobbies, I am a SOFTBALL JUNKIE!!  I have been playing since High School and still play to this day.
5.Who inspires you?
  I find my inspiration from looking at different projects, different crafts, and different people.  Sometimes I could be surfing the  net and come across something that I think is really cute....and I will just start brain storming and usually my project ends up being something completely different than I started off with.  
6. If you were asked to get crafty in a room that has absolutely no supplies--you can bring 5 tools with you, what would you bring?
  1. Cricut expression
  2. cardstock
  3. ATG gun
  4. Ribbon
  5. White gel pen
7. What is your craft space like?
  My craft room is our home office.  I actually was sharing this office with my husband, but since I started my blog, and started buying more supplies,   he decided to move out and let me have the whole room to myself!!! awwwwe, he really LOVES ME!! Here are some pictures...

8. What is your favorite music to play while crafting (if any)?
 I usually will have my ipod going to LifeHouse, Hinder, Good Charlotte, Rihanna....I like everything, so as long as its upbeat and kind of gets the blood going, I will have it on.  Here and there I decide to just enjoy some peace and quiet and opt to have nothing going on.  Usually, my Ipod is Rocking!!
9. Favorite Project that I have made.
My favorite project would have to be the Treat box I made for Made by Momo when I was a Guest Designer on her blog back in November of 2010.

 I also went and picked for each designer my favorite project they completed. And I absolutely love this card Elsa made for my swap last year. I actually have it in my craft room hanging up! :)


jenni said...

I love your craft room, where did you get your 4X4 cubes? The first pic, I need one of those to store my big tools in. Thanks