Jan 8, 2011

Get to know the Designer.. Ivette

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Hey there friend,

Today I am doing something new on Crafting with Cristina. I will be having an installment of get to know the Designer Every Other Saturday where you can get to know my Design Team. This week we are starting with Ivette from Latin Scrap Diva
1.How long have you been crafting/creating? 
 I been crafting for 8 years, scrapbooking, altered items, albums and card making.

2.How would you describe your design style? 
 I would say that I have an adventerous style. i love to try out different techniques and tool and stay up to date with what is new. My style changes often as I learn new things.

3.What is your favorite cricut cartridge? 
I don't  think I have a favorite, but had play the most with EVERYDAY PAPER DOLL.

4.Besides Scrapbooking/Cardmaking, what other hobbies do you enjoy?
Other Hobby?? Crafting is my only hobby. With working and crafting I dont have time for another one.

5.who inspires you? 
it's hard to name just one person. I usually get inspired by looking at a stamp set and picking a project to start from there, or even looking at challenges. Everything is inspiring to me

6.if you were asked to get crafty in a room that has absolutely no supplies-you can bring 5 tools with you, what would you bring? 

1. My purple cow paper trimmer
2. stamps
3. Solid cardstock
4. Mono adhesive runner
5. Versa fine black ink pad

7.What is your craft space like?
My craft space is a shed that my DH turn into beautiful room, peaceful, comfortable and very crafty inviting. you can see photos of my scrapbook room here

8.what is your favorite music to play while crafting (if any)? 
I don't play music while I craft, preferred the silent and peace,  crafting is my quiet time to relax.

I had asked Ivette to pick her favorite project that she had made..

My favorite project is this Paper Album I made for a swap back in March 2008 , I use so many techniques and had lots of fun making it.
I then i went ahead and picked my favorite project that Ivette made.

 Please welcome The Very talented Ivette :)


Ivette said...

Thanks Cristina... guess what, thats my favorite card... I was top 5 with that card at Heart to Heart challenge blog.. first time I play there challenge.. cool.

Love been part of your team..

Esigmon said...

Nice getting to know you! TFS!

Abusybee said...

Great projects! looking forward to your projects!

Monica Gardner said...

Thank you for introducing us to Yvette! She has created some lovely projects, that scrapbook is amazing.

Molly Ritterbeck said...

Wow you have some talented people to work with you! Can I say both her favorite project and yours were great - she is super talented!

Jennifer P. said...

I am a follower of Ivette's and I love all all of her creations!!! What a great series, Christina!

Thank you so much for sharing,

partridgelu at yahoo dot com

Donna Heber said...

Wonderful album. Welcome Ivette!

Emkay said...

A nice way to introduce your design team.

EricaQ said...

Wow! Congrats! Love the album!